How to Choose a Red Dot Sight

How to Choose a Red Dot Sight

Red Dot Sight is known as Red dot scope and Reflex Sight as well. It has zero or one power; that means you do not get magnification in it. Therefore, it is not fit for precision shooting, but helpful in fast and close shooting. They enhance the percentage of hits and therefore, considered perfect for competitive shooting. The bigger the dot is, higher is the perfection. Hunters also find them useful for spotting moving objects. The popularity of red dot sights is there worldwide and new and improved versions are available with enhanced levels of accuracy.

People sometimes confuse Red Dot Sightwith laser dots. Laser dots actually emit the laser beam on the object, while red dot reflects the object on the glass and then superimpose the dot on the image. You will not see the magnified image, but just the target. They are installed on shotguns, hand guns and machine guns to enhance the accuracy levels and precision.

Red dot scope has a concave lens coated with very thin metallic layer. The layer reflects red color only. There is a small LED fitted in the sight tube. The red dot is the reflection of that LED. When one looks through the eyeglass the red dot gives the illusion of projecting on the target. Red dot scope does not give to-the-point accuracy, but surely enhances the precision.

How to select the best Red Dot Sight?

There are few criteria to select the best Red Dot Sight.

  • Always have a look through it before purchasing. Make sure that you are comfortable about the clarity and the way it displays the image.
  • Think about the purpose of it. Decide the type of sight based on the application.
  • If you are color blind, then there is no use of Red Dot Sight to increase the accuracy.
  • Check the battery life. If you have longer hours of usage, then it is always better to buy a sight with longer battery back-up. Usually they come with more than 50000 hours of battery life and it is quite.

Types of Red Dot Sights

There are multiple types of red dot sights available in the market. Go through their characteristics before finalizing the best for your use.

  • Full Tube Sights: They are very much similar to telescopic sights. Usually people mount them on shotguns or small rifles. You can opt for additional features like flip-up lens covers, sun shades to reduce the glare and filters that minimize the haze.
  • Mini red dot sights or open sights: They are smaller and lighter as compared to full tube sights. These sights do not come with additional features like sun shades and haze filters.
  • Small tube sights: They are smaller than the full tube filters, but can accommodate haze filters and sun shades.

Red dot scope or Red Dot Sight enhances the precision level and therefore, consider effective in aiming better. Sportsmen, hunters and security personnel make use of these devices and get maximum advantage.

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