Aimpoint Micro T-1: The Mystical Red Dot

The Aimpoint Micro T-1 is designed for incorporating all the aim point optic positive features into a compact package. The light weight T-1 barely weighs 4 ounces. This popular T-1 makes use of a 3 volt Li battery.

Thanks to advancements in technology, the Aimpoint Micro T-1 can last for 50,000 hours. All one has to do is complete the battery installation and locate a setting for the dot intensity of your choice and after 5 years you can change the battery.

The T-1comes in with 13 great settings out of which 6 are great for working with devices with night vision. This sight can be zeroed in using elevation knobs. One doesn’t require a penny to turn the same for knob adjustment. With dual nipples one can easily adjust these knobs.

The T-1 comes in with a low style weaver mount. When it comes to durability this aim point product has great reputation amongst those who have served in the military.
Given the 50 hours of running battery life and aim points’ flawless track record the durability factor isn’t one which will bother you. Even if the batter will die one shall still be able to make accurate target shots with simple tube sighting. If the target in front is far away one can take a few seconds to flip the iron sights up. The unique coating on the lens on the front sight will ensure that you are provided the best dot brightness. This also means that you can enjoy crisper images. The aim point MicroT-1 is great for piggybacking onto bigger magnifying objects.

Irrespective of the mission at hand one will enjoy great field view without parallax. This is great for the eyes/ if you want speed and improved reliability you must make use of the featured mechanical switch on the body. The aim point Micro T-1 does not emit any harmful lasers. This Aimpoint product is battle proven to give an impressive performance even in extreme conditions. This sight doesn’t add any weight to the weapon you are carrying.

Final Verdict
The Aimpoint T-1 can withstand some of the worst conditions in field along with its 13 settings and great battery life no hunter, weapon expert or marksman could complain about this tactical sight. Even for its price this aim point product is certainly worth you money. With the ACET technology the Micro T-1 is reliable consistent and as accurate as it gets. The T-1 is at the very top of cutting edge sighting systems.

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Review: Aimpoint Micro H-1 Red Dot Sight

If there is anything that is impressive about the Aimpoint Micro H1 ( is that it looks to be more tacticool than the T-1. The red dot Aimpoint Micro H-1 brings a lot to the table and can be used for lots of applictaions.

Skinny looks
The 1.6 inch wide Aimpoint with it comes a lens diameter of three fourths of an inch, the H-1 redefines skinny. The weight on this one too has been reduced dramatically. This Micro is very light. It also feels substantial. Created from aluminium with a half matte finish, the base and the sight itself are rock solid. There is no reason to believe Aimpont cheapened out here. Powered with a 3V Li battery which can be bought form any drug store, the Aimpoint Micro Aimpoint H1 can run continuously for 5 years on one battery.

Great detail
The best thing about the Aimpoint Micro H1 is just how fine this engineered wonder looks. The tool serves for multiple purposes and has 2 nubs which easily adjust windage and controls for elevation. The tool sides are wide but flat. Rotation direction is imprinted into the multi-tool. Those who do not make use of the instruction manual has find this very handy. This tool also features screw caps which can be used for dial adjustment.

When one first gets their hands on the Aimpoint Micro Aimpoint H1, it seems a bit narrow. The smaller sized tube allows for faster close-ups and can be picked without the dot of red itself.
The H1 exhibits 4MOA sized dot therefore it is perfected for competitive hunting and speed shooting. Each unit comes with 12 sets for brightness to be used in varying conditions of light. Setting no.7 works like a charm for crisp picture sight even in sunny conditions.

Once the H-1 is mounted onto the AR platform, the clamp latches onto it keep the lever at one place. The system keeps the zero maintained even in case of re-attachment which is just great for anyone who uses sights.

Final Verdict
There were initial concerns about the small diameter optic but later on it didn’t quite matter. Using the Aimpoint Micro with both your eyes open shall improve peripheral vision. The Aimpoint H1 has been constructed as a solid, great fitted and smarty built sight. This optic is as impressive as can be and really does stand apart from the crowd in terms of specifications and features. The nearly ninja multi-tool is of great help too which comes along with the package.